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Lost in Montreal

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Lost in Montreal

Lost in Montreal tells the story of Jacqueline, a lively, undaunted girl of fifteen and the competition between her and Lisbeth, her aloof, beautiful, and seductive Austrian Jewish mother who abandoned her when she was very young. Jacqueline gets involved with her mother's boyfriends as a way of winning her mother's respect. She is aware of her antics but treats them sardonically. Gerald, Jacqueline's fallen, aristocrat British father, who raised her in bars, is a source of both wisdom and problems. She goes to him when she is trying to understand why her mother shows no enthusiasm for her as well as for advice on her other adventures. In her loneliness, she frequently goes out in Montreal looking for attention, and to feel the power of her sexual attractiveness. All the characters: her mother, her father, Jacqueline's friends and suitors all communicate through humor and indomitableness. Like the city itself, their lives are sensual and fun. They pride themselves on being survivors and living their lives bravely and independently, if somewhat unconventionally. Because of the vividness of the characters, Lost in Montreal tells a young girl's unique coming-of-age story with both wit and deep feeling.

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