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The Erotic Fire of the Unattainable

Directed by Emilia Ferreira and based on the novel by Gay Walley, Jacqueline is working to finalize her book, which is to be adapted into a play. The film follows her as she searchers for inspiration in the quotidian moments of life. Simultaneously, we see her lost in a labyrinth of love pursuits, from her frustrating marriage with earthy, aloof Peter to her affair with a wild, witty old friend, David.

During their affair, David finds Jacqueline’s manuscript and surreptitiously reads it as it’s being written. From her writings, he learns how much she loved Peter and witnesses her growing feelings for Skene, who shares her passion for creativity and is directing her play. Peter is her true love, David is her sensual stimulation, and Skene is her intellectual soul mate; all three men feed Jacqueline’s writings and fill her life with the erotic fire of the unattainable.

Based on a book of aphorisms by Gay Walley, The Erotic Fire of the Unattainable is an unflinching, slyly humorous narrative journey through an artist’s mind, taking us into a world of lovers and ex-husbands, travel and solitude, money and inner rebellion. Drawing inspiration from such classics as The French Lieutenant’s Wife, Bleu, Barton Fink, and modern romances including In the Mood for Love and Blue Valentine, the film will be a moving and profound exploration of the life, loves and art of its protagonist.

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