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Ghost Writer & Writing Coach


I am all about writing. My whole life is getting to the depths and beauty of stories.

My life is dedicated to making words make the reader or film goer feel passions, victories, struggles, feelings of sadness, joy and love.


These are the ways I can help you with your story:


Ghostwriter - Read about how I can write your story for you and help you get it published.


Writing Coach - Read about my one-on-one sessions and writing workshops (on zoom) where you can hone and develop your craft.


My Own Novels - Check out my own novels that have been finalists for many prizes. All are adventurous in style and go into the ins and outs of life as we grow and love.


Plays and Movies - Check out my film (EROTIC FIRE OF THE UNATTAINABLE) that was selected for six film festivals and play on Gustav Mahler and Freud (LOVE, GENIUS AND A WALK) that was nominated for many prizes.

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