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My novels have been finalists for Paris Book Awards, Capricorn Award, Pirate Alley-Faulkner Awards, LeapFrog Prize, as well as others.   These books are literary but adventurous in style and in subject matter.

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Two adult children of holocaust survivors work out their family pain when one seemingly betrays the other. These two understand each other’s backstory and what has made them impossible (and funny) in love, till they finally break through and she can purchase a new bed to lie in, one on which to live within her truth.

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“ON THE MONEY! Gay Walley’s The Erotic Fire of the Unattainable is a great read. It is filled with witty observations on relationships, love, and the need for security.  Gay dives into the thoughts that all of us have with insight filled with reality, humor, and telling it like it is! I read it twice and have bought it for several friends.”

Amazon Reviewer, 5 stars


“I found Magnetism poignant with poetic imagery running wild throughout, fresh, original, literate without the stench of pedantry, sensual and lively as Henry Miller only more blunt and much funnier – its sensibility surpasses the merely female or contemporary. Walley explains what being an intelligent, curious person is to her fellow intelligent curious readers.”

STEVEN GOLDLEAF, Author of Studies on Richard Yates, John O’Hara (four novels) and writer of What Gatsby Saw

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“Walley’s voice in Lost In Montreal is knowing and controlled and her style has the qualities of a quick sketch, by a skilled hand.”

Amazon reviewer, 5 stars

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“An engaging and persuasive novel, a difficult life shaped into a configuration of wisdom and grace. Gay Walley is a writer of uncommon perception and extraordinary poise. Her gift for maintaining perfect balance between delicacy and depth will take the reader’s breath away.”

              SUSAN DODD, Author of The Mourner’s Bench and O Careless Love: Stories and a Novella

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“Longing is the subject of Prison Sex, great, glorious longing, for freedom, for sex, for companionship. A woman in a “marriage of kindness” can’t help visiting a felon with a drug charge. Prison Sex reads like a French New Wave movie through a feminist lens: very witty, very charming, and very perceptive. Lock yourself up with this one.”

TERESE SVOBODA, Author of Great American Desert and 15 other award-winning books

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“Jacqueline Gay Walley is a gifted and lyrical writer. In pitch perfect prose, she’s written a sensual, compelling and often funny novel. With tremendous originality, she evokes the ghosts of the groundbreaking and hopelessly romantic authors Jean Rhys and Marguerite Duras, who have come back to “life” on a quest to help a beautiful and hapless writer find true love and happiness.”

JANICE EIDUS, Author of The War of the Rosens and The Last Jewish Virgin

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“I fell in love with this narrator: her intimacy with the reader, her ambiguity in love, her ability to find freedom in the prisoner in a world that keep trying to co-opt her. The novel’s inexorable pull forward seduces while it brings us into a wild reckoning with a surprising, rich and tender ally – that lost part of the soul which has refused conquest and is found again through Walley’s gorgeous prose. A must read.”

SUZANNE KINGSBURY, Award-winning Author of The Summer Fletcher Greel Loved Me and The Gospel According to Gracey

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Novels by Gay Walley: Inventory
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